Kite Trading (HK) Limited

We are very proud and privileged to be authorized as the Distributors of ShockWatch (USA), Timestrip UK Ltd. , The IMC Group Ltd. (UK), APS (USA) and ADCO Industries (USA) in Hong Kong region.


We can help you to save money, time and trouble by monitoring and protecting your shipping cargos or frozen foods from environmental (heat & freeze) damages and mishandled with our low cost shock/impact, tilt, and Temperature indicator, as well as the state of the art shock/impact, tilt, Temperature, GPS, air pressure, and humidity data recorder. 


-          The ShockWatch (USA)  specialized in shock / impact, tilt and temperature indicator labels and data recorders.

-          Timestrip (UK) specialized in professional temperature and time indicator labels for medical and food industries during  transportation and storage .

-          ADCO Industries (USA) specialized in industrial safety knife / cutter for all trades.

-         The IMC Group Ltd. (UK) specialized in wireless temperature monitoring system for medical and food industries.----Notion Lite System.

-         Automated Packaging Systems (USA) specialized in professional machinery for all packaging need.

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ShockWatch (USA)


The Authorized Certificate

Timestrip (UK)


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ADCO Industries (USA)

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