We offer precise and efficient airbag and packaging machines to protect your goods inside the packaging and speed up the packaging process.

AirPouch Express 3


AirPouch Value:


  • EZ-Tear perforations improve efficiency with pillows that are easily separated for optimum packing size and speed
  • Durable and puncture resistant pillows inflate on demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • High-yield, boxed material reduces changeover time
  • Pillows are clean, dust-free and lightweight
  • Printable pillows for branding
  • AirPouch pillows are infinitely recyclable, and come in EarthAware® biodegradable* and recycled materials

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Autobag PS125 One-step


User Benefits:


  • All-electric system does not require compressed air to run
  • Compact design is ideal for low- to mid-volume packaging operations
  • Locking turntable and AutoThread feature provide easy bag access and changeover
  • Open loading area and controlled seal bar maximize loading flexibility and operator safety
  • Automatic or manual operating modes for optimum flexibility and productivity
  • Stores jobs for later recall using operator-friendly controls
  • On-board system diagnostics simplify maintenance and maximize productivity
  • Next-bag-out printing feature ensures greater accuracy and eliminates product queuing in order fulfillment applications*
  • Capable of printing high resolution graphics, text and bar codes directly on the bag*
  • Tilt-back printer head for easy maintenance*

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